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This photo was sent to us by Tylet Welty. So far it has a computer chip and K&N air filter. This coming summer he is hoping to put a functional ram air hood on and some exuast.

This Lightning belongs to Brian Wilson, who told us - "The truck has come a long way in the last 6 years. In 94 when I got the truck new and was running 15.20's to my best run last year of 11.50 @ 119 mph. These two pic where taken at Fun Ford race's.o One in Texas where I took second to Jim Gilbert and the other at Norwalk where I took First."

This 93 Lighting belongs to Chuck. It has only 24000 miles, custom paint and a few other touches. Last year it ran 14.9's, But he is getting ready to add a few more horses. They will come in the form of cam, head work, rockers, NOS, exhaust, chip or mass air, etc.

This 1995 Lightning is owned by Jim Porter of Swedesboro New Jersey

This Lightning picture was sent to us by Jason.

This 1999 Lightning is owned by Joe Chiaravalloti of Sicklerville New Jersey.

This white 1999 Lightning belongs to Jim Boggs of Woodbury Heights NJ.
Bogg's Auto Rebuilders

This 1999 Lightning and 2000 F-150 4x4 Off Road - are both owned by Doug Horner.

This '94 belongs to Tom Frayer. Pictured here at Milan dragway in '94 when it was new. Since then, he has added FMS 1 inch spacer, B351 cam, MSD 6al, diesel air tube, custom chip, Cobra 1.7 roller rockers, 24lb injectors and 19,000 miles. With all these mods he lost all traction (tire spin & wheel hop) and picked up 10 mph in the quarter mile.

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