Ford Collection
Neon Signs, Other light up signs & Clocks

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Two sided porcelain with neon. 26 x 48 inches, 10-1/2 inches thick


Two sided - Tin sign with 3 dimensional white glass letters that light up. 6 foot long x 3 foot tall, and 9-1/2 inches thick.

Ford Oval - This sign shown above in the daylight and lit up in the dark, is a painted tin with raised punched circles in the white lettering. The sign is covered in tiny chips of glass, some up to 1/8 inch in size. This gives the sign added reflection when lit up. There are 10 lightbulbs inside of the sign. The sign is two sided and it is marked - 'Sales Equipment Co. Detroit Mich'. It is 72" x 36" with 5" thick frame. From 1915-1930s.

Ford Service Arrow - One sided blue and white porcelain with neon.
Marked - 'Mulholland Sign Co. Kalamaoo Mich.' It is 72" x 18". From 1930-40s.

Ford Neon Oval - Two sided blue and white porcelain. Marked - 'Sales Equipment Co. Detroit Mich.'
It is 48" x 24" and 14" thick. 1920-40s.

Ford fluorescent tube clock - 'Sperry's Ford Garage WAYZ 1380KC' (radio station) Aluminum body.
Black and white glass face. 24" diameter. 1930-40s.

Ford 8-sided Clock - 'Ford Sales and Service, Parts and Accessories' Green and white glass with blue lettered face. 18-1/2" x 18-1/2". 1930-40s.

Ford square clock - 'Time to buy Ford' - Wood frame, red, white and blue face. 2 fancy V8 symbols. It is 17" x 17". 1935

Ford round clock with motion movement - 'We Use and Sell Genuine Ford Parts and approved accessories'
Red, blue, black and white face. 21" diameter. 1930-40s.

Ford oval neon - One sided blue and white porcelain. 67" x 34" and 14" thick. 1920-40s.

Ford Crest neon - Shape of Ford crest with lions. This is the bottom part of a 12 foot sign. It is one sided porcelain in light and dark blue, white, red, yellow, and black. It is 52" x 51" and 10" thick. From 1949-1956

Ford Oval tractor neon - One sided red and white porcelain. It is 72" x 40". 1940-50s.

The following nine photos are all of the same sign - Flashing neon Ford Crest - The top part has vertical 'Ford' with flashing strips of neon around it. The bottom part is a Ford crest with lions. It is one sided porcelain in light and dark blue, white, red, yellow, and black. Marked - Mulholland Sign Co.' The full size is 96" x 42" and it is 20" thick. 1949-1956

Ford Autolite Clock - Plastic, 11" x 25". From 1963-68

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