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This is one of the rarest pumps ever to come up for sale. As pumps go, age and rarity make this pump a museum piece.
A Tokheim Curb Outfit #14 Gasoline Filler Station 1908-1913 Made by the Tokheim Manufactoring Company, Cedar Rapids Iowa. (This model style was later replaced in 1913 by the Curb Outfit #24, which was less expensive, more compact and weighed in at less than 300 pounds) The cabinet on this pump is all cast iron and weighs over 800 pounds. It has the original ID tag. This is the only Curb outfit #14 cabinet known to exist today. Most where sold for scrap when they were removed from roadside, and only the pump inside of the cabinet was reused.
The cabinet takes a 30 inch metal chimney top globe that had tin faces. The faces were usually painted with advertising and were punched with tiny holes for lighting. I do not have the globe, but I do have the cast iron globe base.
This pump is the Acro No. 7 Long Distance System, Tokheim MFG. Co. Cedar Rapids Iowa. The pump mechs are free and the pump works. Along with orignal tag, pump also has the original nozzle, which was found inside the cabinet base when the foundation was dug up. Globe in photo is not included.


    This is an extremely rare pump model that is one of only about 4 known to exist. As pumps go, this model is one of the 1st visable pumps. It is a rare vac pump with dome top cylinder.
    D.A. Crawford 5 Gallon Curbside Visible Pump - This may have been one of the first visible gasoline pumps ever made, believed to have been produced from 1910.
    This is the early version with cast iron doors that have the slogan 'See what you get and get what you see, High Proof Gasoline'. It also has the early 2 piston vac pump, which when pumped, pulled vac on the 5 gallon cylinder and sucked the gas up from the tank. Then you would close the valve to the tank, open cylinder vent, and drain the gas from the cylinder into the auto. No gas actually ever goes through the pump. The pump does work. The 5 gallon glass cylinder is perfect. Globe in photo is not included.


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