Thinking of vacationing at the Jersey Shore?

Why not stay in a very nice Victorian
house in beautiful Strathmere?
Strathmere is a quiet town between Ocean City
and Sea Isle. The town is small and quiet, and
the beaches are free.

The house is on a quiet dead end street on the end
of the point, past the redlight. The first floor is
available for weekly rentals. Here are some features

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Discount on off-season rentals

This is an old postcard of the house and motel.
The house was built in 1902. It was originally the
annex to the hotel 'West Jersey Cottage' The owner
Gus Wittkamp was also the station master for the train
stop in Strathmere. The train ran right by the hotel,
where the bridge is now. The hotel was destroyed in
a very bad hurricane in 1940, and is no longer there.

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