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Hot Rod Jalopyrama - Annapolis Maryland, October 31st 2009
Presented by the Rusty Nuts.

What a great setting for a Rod show - a large Armory with 30+ invited cars inside and a large outdoor fenced area. It was too bad that it rained all day, but still there were about 200 great cars that showed up outside. If the weather had been better there would have been double that number.
It was the biggest and best gathering of pre-1962 rods that I have ever been to, and it was right here on the East Coast!
The people running the show really had things well organized and made you feel welcomed. I would like to Thank The Rusty Nuts group for inviting me and my car to be among the 30+ great cars that were inside of the Armory.

Some of the cars at the Show - Click images for larger views. More on Page 2

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