Strathmere 4th of July Parade 2005
Photos by Carol Baker

More photos & winners are listed below
Parade Officials would like to say 'Thank You' to everyone who helped with the parade.
Thank you . . .
To the Improvement Association who sponsor the parade and fund the trophies.
To the Fire Department for moving the parade along and for traffic control
To the lifeguards for assisting the fire department
To Uncle Bills for feeding the firemen a pre-parade breakfast.
To Elizabeth Bergus who carefully selects and donates the parade favors given to the participants at sign-up.
To Horace Lorrillier and the Strathmere church for the pre-parade patriotic music.
To all of the volunteer registars and judges
To the Brown, Scanlon & Carpenter families for hosting the after parade gathering on their deck on what is already a very busy day for them. Thank you for the hospitality and for the hot dogs & sodas.
And most importantly, Thank you to everyone who participated in the parade, and who cheered along the parade route.

These parade photos were sent to us by Dave Townsend from Strathmere Fishing & Environmental Club

The next 4 photos were sent to us by The Green Family.
Their 'Irish Eyes are Smiling' entry won 2nd place in the mixed walkers.

Here are some of the winners -

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